Consider this the missing piece to actually make your yoga business work!

Breathe new life into your yoga business and finally get the support you need to unlock your potential and catapult your growth, income and impact.

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You probably became a yoga teacher because yoga changed your life and now it’s your mission to share this magical, life-changing experience with others.

The problem is your yoga teacher training didn’t teach you to become a business owner! 

You hoped your students would magically find you and now you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure what step to take next. The truth is, you can’t help anyone if you’re stuck waiting for the right moment to take action. 

It’s time to take that action and start today!

Our programs offer step-by-step frameworks and high-touch support to help you transform not only your life, but your student’s lives by showing up present and powerful.

You’ll learn how to master your marketing, how to create profitable online offerings and what it actually takes to scale your yoga business with confidence.  

Where are you in your entrepreneurial journey?

Your engaged community is growing and you’re ready to move beyond yoga classes and into creating and launching transformative, premium online courses. 

You’re new to building your business (but perhaps not new to teaching) and you want to grow your own community and discover the world of teaching online.

You’re ahead of the curve - a true visionary! You took your genius and launched your online course but you haven’t quite reached your full potential.

You need the first steps to market yourself and to upgrade your mindset from yoga teacher to Yogipreneur so that you can become visible online and finally believe that this is possible for you!  

You need effective marketing strategies to boost your growth, a step-by-step framework to create and profitably launch your very own signature online course and the upgraded mindset to match.

You need the right support and mentorship to scale your business and revolutionise your launch strategy so that those consistent 10k months feel like home.





Profitable Yogi ▸ 

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Who it’s for: Newbie online Yogipreneurs starting from zero. You want to grow your community online and move from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to flowing with self-belief and confidence. 

It starts with building a strong foundation - the root chakra of your yoga biz! 

Finally get business savvy, nail your niche, master your message, become visible and use proven marketing strategies to grow, nurture and convert your online yoga community. 

Inside our self-study online marketing course you will:

 ✔ Clarify your business vision, set growth goals and create a clear action plan to grow both your community and revenue. 

✔ Consistently create valuable content to attract your ideal students and nurture the ones you have. You'll learn how to re-purpose that content to maximise your reach and impact.

✔ Get the right tools to grow your email list from 0 and learn the essentials to ensure that every new beautiful human that lands on your list is nurtured into a paying student.

✔ Learn how to finally make your website work so that people actually find you online. Don't have a website yet? Don't worry, there's an option for you too!

✔ Discover how to be visible and show up confidently online. Connect and collaborate with like-minded partners to extend your reach.

Amanda Berry

Went from feeling overwhelmed to having real clarity and confidence on how to create valuable content to grow her community.

Ashley Marley 

Finally niched down and is creating content to increase leads and retention. Sales are up! 

Lauren Gilbert 

Now has clarity and a plan to implement strategies to build her community, grow her email list and make the most of her website. 

Sarah Oxley

Upgraded her mindset and overcame the fear of failure and being visible. Learned how to plan and create value content for her community. 

Anne Michele Patart

Went from having no clue to feeling energised with ideas and a plan on how to get there. This was the best money she’s spent on her business. 

Candice Davies

Went from almost giving up to feeling ignited again with new strategies and “gems” that showed her where she’d been going wrong all this time. 

Dori Kocsis

Finally has a plan to follow and is confident in her success and to not make the mistakes she’d made in the past. Super Yogi was a “game changer” for her. 

Sara Addington 

Has clarified her niche and now sees the value of what she has to offer. Excited to apply what she’s learnt. 

Helen Say 

Teacher of 10+ years has been able to transition online with the step by step process to attract new students into her community. 

Jenny Solberg

Went from feeling helpless to feeling empowered, motivated and inspired! She’s built her website, created a freebie and is now sharing valuable content. 

Maria Mountain

Went from feeling panicked to understanding how to integrate her offerings and is now excited to explore her next steps with the strategies she’s learnt. 

Meegan Bradley

Gained clarity on what is worth her time as well as growing her email list and curating offerings that respond to her student’s needs. 

Annchen Doherty 

Went from feeling frustrated to having a clear path with her upgraded mindset and worked through fears.

Tara Muir

For the first time in her life, Tara is doing it! She’s planning her content and has broken through the big fears she had around business. 

Rita Cox

Feels blown away by the course! Rita implemented lots of strategies that she would have otherwise put off such as her freebie and 90 day plan.

Alice Powell

A new sense of clarity, confidence and self belief, as well as improvements to her website to target her ideal student and next level content creation.

Agne Mierkyte

Shifted her mindset and her path with a completely different perspective - a 360 transformation to creating the business of her dreams.  

Natalie Farrell

Has new processes inside her business, has successfully run Facebook ads, and understands now how to share her story online. 

Lija Krus

Found her niche and a new sense of purpose as well as refinement of her website, email marketing and content. 


Now has laser focus on her students and the content they need. Rosanna now feels structured and confident on her next steps. 


Who it’s for: Entrepreneurial yoga teachers who have hit a crossroads online. You want to turn your expertise into transformational premium online offerings so that you can finally show up for your bigger vision.

It starts with getting creative to diversify your offering - the sacral chakra of your yoga biz!

Boost the growth of your online community and create and launch a profitable online course that your students are lining up for. 

Inside our six month group coaching program you will:

✔ Learn what it really takes to finally boost the growth of your online community who actually resonate with your message (hint: it's not spending hours a day on Instagram).

✔ Gain unstoppable confidence from taking your winning idea and turning it into a transformational online yoga course that your students actually want and need. 

✔ Discover a highly-implementable launch system of effective strategies and content so that you know exactly what to share and when to create wild demand that transitions your community into your online course. 

Claire Eli

Claire started from scratch. Her first launch made $6.5k and her most recent, $10k!

Marylene Henry 

Marylene tripled the size of her online community, launched courses online and grew to 6-figures within one year!

Shakethia Queen

Queen hosted a virtual summit to grow her email list - Queen's Flow in Solidarity Summit had over 1000 attendees!

Kaitlyn Sears

launched her first course and made $1.5k

Maria Jones

Maria's first Chair Yoga course launch made $7k in sales - she totalled over $30k launch income in 2020!

Meegan Bradley

Meegan's first course launch made $5k, on top of $1.5k she makes each month from her new membership.

Stacey Stufflebeam

Launched her membership program and is making more money than she was driving all over town teaching classes. 

Rose Wippich 

Learnt that there’s a methodology to making your online yoga business work. Her message: invest in yourself and do the work!

Kirstie Patterson

New sense of clarity for taking her business online and a better understanding of how to connect with her ideal students. 

Marc Tran

Launched his program, increased engagement in his community, gained new private clients and refined his messaging. 

Annie Dunholf 

Launched her course, refined her niche and messaging, her community has grown and she has a solid strategy for the future. 


✔ Catapult your visibility on a global scale and fully show up for your mission with nothing standing in your way, not even YOU!

✔ Gain unstoppable confidence to effortlessly create, automate and sell scalable and profitable online offerings

✔ Upgrade your mindset from yoga business owner to the Yoga Visionary and CEO of your business. 

Who’s it for: Yoga visionaries are ahead of the curve. You’ve taken your genius and launched your online course and you want to revolutionise your launch strategy so that those consistent 10k months feel like home. 

It starts with unlocking your highest potential to scale and maximise impact - the crown chakra of your yoga biz!

High-touch coaching and relentless accountability to scale, automate and execute repeatable next-level launches to sky-rocket your income and impact. 

Inside our elite, six-month mastermind you will:


Celest Pereira, Hypermobile Yogis.

“Kelly is one of the most inspiring teachers you will ever find!

With her support and incredible knowledge, we've welcomed hundreds of students into our online course over the last year. What Kelly has taught us has been invaluable, it's hard work but you will definitely see the rewards.

We've created a massive impact in our community and we've generated a passive income - we never would have generated that amount of money had we not launched our online course. It's been life changing!"

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The Yogipreneur Blueprint 

Whether you're just starting out or ready to go beyond your drop-in Zoom classes, discover what it really takes to profitably teach yoga online and create transformational offerings inside our six-part video series.

If you’re dreaming of creating an impactful and sustainable business with location freedom, and you’re ready to take the first step to make that a reality, this launch plan is for you. 

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Being a Yogirepeneur can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re unsure what steps to take! Get access to the blueprint to creating a profitable online yoga business.

Teach Yoga Online Series

The Profitable Launch Plan


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