3 mistakes that are blocking you from having profitable online course launches

I’m all about creating an asset in your yoga business…
And by creating and launching an online yoga course you will be creating a valuable asset for your business which you can launch multiple times. 
Launching an online yoga course is a learning process of testing, iterating and optimising.
Here at DYA, we are launching (or re-launching) a program, or training almost every single month, so I REALLY understand what it takes to create profitable, scalable, and repeatable launches. 
I  want to see you exceed your ambitious goals this year, in this training I want to share 3 common launch mistakes we see entrepreneurs making, so you don’t have to! 
This episode covers:
  • Creating a digital asset in your business that is beyond Zoom
  • The two reasons why your course launches aren’t profitable
  • The importance of doing market research before a launch
  • Why you need a clear pre-launch strategy in place
  • What to think about when you are planning out your pre-launch phase
  • Doing the work of actually selling your course
  • Seeing sales as serving
  • Prioritising self-care during a launch period
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