Transitioning from yoga teacher to the Visionary of your yoga business

There’s something they don’t tell you when you start a yoga business- mindset is everything. 
I didn’t have the right mindset when I first started out.
It’s fair to say that when you look at roles within an organisation. – the mindset of an employee is different from the mindset of the CEO.
Looking back I realise I held myself back with an employee mindset or in this context, the mindset of a yoga teacher. 
What I should have been doing is looking at my business with the mindset of a CEO – or the mindset of a Yoga Visionary 
The good news is that when I discovered what the problem was, I was able to take steps to transform my mindset and become more aware of my limiting beliefs that were holding back. 
In this episode, I am sharing how you can transform and transition your mindset from employee or ‘yoga teacher’ to CEO or ‘yoga visionary’ of your yoga business!
This episode covers:
  • What is the yoga visionary mindset?
  • The biggest quality separating yoga visionaries from yoga teachers
  • Marinating action with long term direction
  • How I held myself back with an employee’s mindset
  • The magic ingredient that shifted my mindset
  • Upgrading your mindset by building a team
  • Having a direction and connecting it to your purpose
  • Business journalling
  • Using the strengths of each mindset
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