The #1 secret to finally hitting your yoga biz financial goals

What are your financial goals for 2021?
It’s important to remember that achieving your financial goal relies on building habits and taking actions in your routine and you going out of your way to stay on track. 
It’s about following frameworks and processes that make your default outcome success, so it becomes almost effortless to achieve your goals. 
In this episode, we dive into how you can do this so you can finally hit your financial goals in your yoga business!
This episode covers:
  • How to break down your goal into various income streams.
  • The other important number besides sales revenue
  • How to blow the ceiling off the potential that is available to you
  • The type of business that brings limitless opportunities
  • My financial goal for 2021
  • How to view making money and master your mindset to receive more
  • And the #1 secret to hitting your financial goals and how this enabled me to hit over $300k in my biz in 2020 and will get me to 7 figures by the end of 2021.
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