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Are you ready to scale your business to a 7 figure business or learn how to strategize to achieve 7 figures? In this blog we share with you the lessons learned at Digital Yoga Academy, as we’re on our way to growing to a 7 figure business.

These lessons include what to avoid and how to shift your strategy and mindset in order to sustain and support real expansion in your business.

Our recent  Profitable Yoga Teacher intake welcomed 80 new teachers, combined with our evergreen income and other courses. Resulting in a $200,000 month. We’re now on track to reach 7 figures in income generated from these courses and programs. It was only a few years back that we wondered whether we would actually get there.

At Digital Yoga Academy we have been transitioning to 7 figures over the past 4 years. During our first launch we did $30,000 for the  Profitable Yoga Teacher program, after many failed attempts in the experimentation phase. Recently we achieved our first $200,000 month.

Getting to this point has required focus, mindset and planning. It starts with seeing yourself as a successful entrepreneur and knowing that your business can succeed and grow. Whatever your financial goals are, embrace money coming into your business. The more you build your energetic money reserves, the greater the impact you will have on the world.

Key lessons learned

Let’s dive into understanding some of the key lessons learned in scaling and growing your business to 7 figures.

Its not just about sharing the best marketing strategies for your business. It’ the energy behind these strategies that create a mindset to support you in expanding your business.

As a business owner, there is deep inner work that must done to help you become a successful entrepreneur. To powerfully expand your business and move in the direction of 7 figures, you need to shift your mindset.

Lesson 1: Stretched Financial Goals

To reach 7 figures you need to stretch your financial goals and plan around those goals. You need to expand your capacity to believe what’s possible and stretch the financial goal that you have for your business.

For example. A few years ago, my goal was to achieve $100,000 in one year. At the time this required me to stretch my mind to believe that this was possible. That year my business made $110,000.

Imagine if we had stretched our financial goal from the beginning, to generate $200,000 that year, we would have achieved that instead. This is about allowing yourself to dream bigger than what you believe is possible.

The key is to surround yourself with likeminded coaches who have achieved the success you dream of. Learn from them, grow from what they teach and see what is possible in your business

Break through the beliefs and stories that are limiting your ability to create stretched financial goals. Release the feeling of shame or guilt around making money. This keeps you stuck from fully expanding your business and creating an unintentional glass ceiling on what is possible. Choose to remove the blocks that are stopping you from expanding your business and reaching what you believed was impossible.

This is about healing your relationship with money. Helping you to expand your belief of what is possible. Choose to set your sights on higher financial goals, create more expansive feelings and thoughts about growing to a 7 figure business.

Expand your horizons

If you’re a new yoga teacher setting your sights on getting a couple of students and want to do this slowly…Then your business will grow slowly. You cap yourself around the business that you’re creating.

To create bigger and achieve bigger, you need to raise the bar higher. As your business grows and you achieve those financial goals, then set higher financial goals.  Grow your business to allow you to connect with more students, share more of what you offer and be visible.

It’s important to remember not to be attached to the outcome, even though you’re setting the bar higher. The outcome is not related to your value or your worth as a person or business owner. The outcome is to stay committed to yourself and your business, whilst continuing to show up.

Avoid being attached to the end result or the final number. Trust in yourself that you’ve done everything that you can to get the results. When you’re attached to the outcome there’s an energy of desperation and neediness. This energy can be felt by your community.

Be committed to the outcome to be in the belief and decision around the outcome, but not attached to it. Decide how you’re going to be and how you’re going to show up. Who would you need to be if you were making $10,000 a month or $100,000 a month?

What do you need to be doing in your business to tap into the energy of that final financial goal? Really anchor into that. Do the work, show up and make it happen. Make a plan, know your numbers and know what you’re selling.

Lesson 2: Create & Sell More Offerings

If you’re looking to make more sales, you need to sell more. You need offerings that can create passive income and be able to expand beyond time for money. So, for example if you’re offering online yoga classes or private 121 sessions, your revenue is capped.

You need be innovative and create offers that your audience want. Showing up to sell to them over and over again. Ensuring there’s a pathway in your business for your students to continue to work and evolve with you. Whilst strategically pricing your offerings so that you can reverse engineer everything to allow you to achieve your stretched financial goals.

For example, if your goal is to make $200,000 in one month, what do you need to sell, at what price and how many?

The key to selling is to shift your mindset to simply serving your students. Understand that your offer solves your student’s problem. So, reminding your students how they can improve their health, mindset, quality of life etc. through your offerings = SERVING.

Selling IS serving.

And when you STOP selling what your students need, you’re actually doing them a DISSERVICE.

This is about shifting your focus from “how can I sell this offer?” to “what do they need?”.

Your people are real people who require solutions to real problems. If you’re fixated on the fact that you need to make an extra $2,000 this month to pay the bills, your people are not going to feel valued, heard and understood. Instead, they’ll feel your scarcity and self-doubt.

So, it’s important to practice coming from a place of service and detach your value, worth and credibility from the outcome. This is how you allow your best energy to come forward and consistently create offerings that sell.

Clear Strategic Pathway

Over the years at Digital Yoga Academy we have created and launched many different courses and programs. We deliver our group coaching program Profitable Yoga Teacher, 121 Coaching, masterminds and more.

There is a clear and strategic pathway for our students to work with us. The key is having the mindset to explore, evolve and experiment. To not be afraid to make mistakes or fail. The more you fail the more you learn and grow. This motivates you to take messy imperfect action rather waiting for everything to be perfect, before you take any action!

I know without any doubt that the reason we’ve had a $200,000 month is because we’re connected with our mission and message. When you come from that place, you become magnetic.

If you’re not connected to the energy you need to show up in your business, you’ll soon feel depleted and burnt out. When you’re coming from a connected place, the offerings that you create, and sell are more aligned. You become magnetic.

Remember your role is to listen to what your students really need and understand what they’re struggling with. Then create an offer that provides them with what they need to support them.

We teach this in all of our programmes, do your market research, talk to your ideal student and communicate with them. This will lead people to purchasing from you. The aim is to create something that genuinely speaks to people and their needs. That’s where good messaging comes from.

To make money online, you need to know how to convey your message, who you’re talking to, communicate the value of your offer and activate them to buy.

The Power of Community

The power lies in your community. You need a community to sell your offers to. The good news is your audience doesn’t need to be big. When you have the right offer, messaging and know the people you’re serving…

You don’t need thousands of people to make sales. (Check out our podcast How to Launch Your Course to a Small Email List here. One of the greatest blocks is believing you need a big email list or audience to sell your offers.

This simply is not true. You just need to be visible and share your content. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. If you show up on the internet talking about something that people really need and want…

You’re showing your magic, lit up in your full radiance, willing to show up every day, create, learn and offer. It’s up to you.


Give yourself permission to be bold and brave. Stop capping your potential with fear and resistance. Stop telling yourself this isn’t working. If you keep telling yourself this, it will continue to not work.

Every successful and profitable thriving business owner has achieved success because they tried hundreds of things that didn’t work. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. It’s time to give yourself permission to decide that today you move from just believing to KNOWING that this is happening.

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