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Secrets of successful content creation for online yoga teachers


As an online yoga teacher, content marketing is essential to your business. If you’re not already setting aside time every week for content creation, you’re going to want to do that after we share with you why it’s so important.

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Benefits of creating regular content for your online yoga community

  • Attract new people into your community
  • Nurture relationships with your existing community
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Keep you in your audience’s minds
  • Convert your community into paying clients.

Here at Digital Yoga Academy, we have direct proof that this works. Consistent weekly content has helped our email list grow quickly, along with a significant increase in my overall revenue.

Types of weekly content you could create as an online yoga teacher

Consistency is key, choose the content type that best fits both what you enjoy creating and will best serve your audience.

This might be a weekly:

  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Video
  • Facebook or Instagram Live

Whatever it is your content needs to be published consistently. By showing up for your audience regularly you will build trust and loyalty.

3 common content mistakes that yoga teachers make

Creating and sharing content online is the key to attracting new people into your community, without content you really have no business. There are three common mistakes that yoga teachers make when it comes to creating online content and how to fix it to harness the power of your content and build a thriving yoga business.

Mistake #1: Creating content that isn’t relevant to your niche

If you’re creating general yoga content and it’s not building your community or converting to paying clients, you need to get clear on who your content is for and why you are creating it. For your content to attract new clients and prospects, it must be high quality and also relevant to your ideal students, your niche.

If you’re not sure who your ideal client is yet, start here: How to find your ideal yoga niche.

It makes your content creation so simple when you know who it is for.

Ask yourself these questions about your ideal client:

  • What are they interested in?
  • What problems can you solve for them?
  • What info are they looking for?
  • What sort of language/terms do they use to describe what they need help with?

Talk to them and use surveys to find out what they really want, not what you think they do. Creating content without this information is setting yourself up for disaster.

The key here is to really know your ideal students and their pain points and speak their language when you talk about the problem you’re solving for them. Your goal is to create  content that specifically answers their particular needs and the solutions they’re looking for.

Benefits of creating content for a specific yoga niche

The difference when you create content for your yoga niche include:

  • Your business will grow quicker
  • Your content will resonate with the people you want to reach. (your ideal client)
  • Your content is specific and that cuts through the noisy online space
  • You are seen as an expert
  • Content creation becomes easy because you’ll know the topics your audience are  interested in and you’ll be able to put different spins on that content

Knowing your ideal clients pain points, wants and needs will make all the difference when it comes to creating content that converts.

Mistake #2: Not creating content that can be repurposed

If you are creating new content every time, take a deep breath and sigh it out. You do not need to do this anymore!

So many yoga teachers complain that content creation for their business takes too much time so instead, they avoid it altogether, maybe posting some social media posts but not going deeper. This is not serving your business!

The solution is content repurposing, one of the strategies taught inside Yogipreneur Launchpad.

Social media is a great tool in your marketing but content creation means creating long form content that really offers value to your ideal client, educates them and demonstrates your expertise in your yoga niche.

Benefits of repurposing your content:

  • Create content that creates impact (and in turn makes your ideal client fall in love with your content and want to buy from you)
  • Easily create content for multiple platforms without having to start from scratch every time
  • Stay on track with repeating the same messages so you are seen as an expert
  • Maximise your ROI (return on investment) of your time and energy

If you’re not already, now is the time to start creating one long form piece of copy a week that you can repurpose into other formats.

Examples of a long form content include:

  • Blog post
  • Educational live on Facebook or Instagram

This can be repurposed in many ways:

  • Blog (from a live)
  • Live (inspired by your blog)
  • Social media posts
  • Carousel post
  • Reels
  • YouTube
  • Email newsletter

Mistake #3: Not sharing and promoting your content enough

It’s one thing creating content but it’s also important to show up and share it. Many yoga teachers create something, share it once then move on.

Truth bomb: Content marketing doesn’t stop after the creation process.

  • Spend more time promoting your content than creating it. The 80/ 20 rule can apply here – spend 80% of your time sharing content, 20% creating.
  • Promote your content on multiple platforms. For example, social media, blogs, email, and other channels.
  • Include CTAs (call to actions) in your post. This means you ask your audience to do something once they’ve consumed your content such as download a freebie.
  • Re-share content that has been posted before. Assuming its nothing that’s time specific  and is still relevant to your niche, you can share the same piece of content a year down the line.


You now know the top three mistakes that online yoga teachers make when creating content along with the solutions.

  1. Creating content that isn’t relevant to your niche
    Creating content that speaks directly to your ideal client will save you time and energy and help you build a community of fans who want to work with you.
  2. Not creating long form content that can be repurposed
    Content creation takes a lot of time if you’re creating everything from scratch each time. Creating long form content and repurposing for other channels will keep your message consistent and save you time.
  3. Not sharing and promoting your content
    Once you have created your content make sure you are sharing it across multiple channels.

A final word of warning when it comes to content creation

Don’t get distracted chasing perfection. This can crop up alongside imposter syndrome, thinking you’re not good enough or knowledgeable enough so getting stuck in a loop of trying to make sure our content is perfect rather than getting it created and shared.

You are good enough.

You are knowledgeable enough.

You have talents, gifts and wisdom to share and support your students. You can change their lives. Don’t let perfectionism stop you.

Learn about content creation with the experts at Digital Yoga Academy

Our programme Yogipreneur Launchpad is designed for yoga teachers building the foundations of their online business we teach the steps to content creation.

This includes step by step:

  • Niche research – find out what they actually want and need
  • Creating a 90 day content plan with all of the topics that will be covered during that period.
  • How to be consistent with content creation
  • Building a content bank that can be drawn on in the future

Could your next step be Yogipreneur LaunchPad?

If you’re ready to finally launch your yoga business online and create content with ease, we would love to welcome you.

Yogipreneur Launchpad is a 16-week group business program designed to help you to shift your mindset, clarify your message and launch and sell your online offerings with ease. Doors are open now.

Find out more here: Yogipreneur LaunchPad.


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