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Three reasons why you feel stuck in your yoga teaching journey


Feeling stuck is one of the most common challenges in your yoga teaching journey. There are many reasons why you might feel this way. Today you will learn three reasons that might be making you feel stuck which you aren’t aware of.

If you’re feeling stuck you’re not alone!

Lots of teachers feel this way. They have goals, but for some reason, they’re just not reaching them. Or they get into this studio teaching rut, they’re just teaching in yoga studios and that’s all they do. These teachers are not sure how to mix it up and change. 

It’s not just new yoga teachers who experience this. You can get stuck at any point in your yoga entrepreneurial journey. The key is to recognize it and to take action!

Move back into a place where you’re feeling inspired and excited to dive into the projects that are ahead of you. 

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you’re feeling stuck: 


Judging yourself may be causing you to lower your expectations of yourself or lead you to believe that you can’t make positive changes. It’s about our self-belief. You get yourself stuck in worry and you become afraid to make decisions or to change something in your life. 

Dealing with difficult decisions and circumstances

A particular situation might have turned out badly and left you feeling disappointed and maybe you’re being really hard on yourself. Maybe you’re starting from scratch, you’ve just done your yoga teacher training or you’re a few years in and you’re just not sure which direction to take things in. 

A lot of teachers have a nine to five job and are working part-time and yoga is a side hustle, but they’re really wanting to teach yoga full time. Or maybe you just want to reduce your office hours during the week and you’re feeling stuck because that’s not moving fast enough or you’re afraid to take the leap.  

Maybe you have been teaching for a while and you’ve set yourself some revenue goals, but once the time has passed your are nowhere near where you had hoped to be. 

These are all valid reasons, but there’s something deeper might be keeping you stuck.

These are actually just surface reasons. They’re excuses.

They’re excuses because there’s always something that you can do about them. There’s always an action that you can take to move past these reasons. Quite often they are just the things that we tell ourselves.

We say “I can’t, I’m feeling stuck because I’m in my nine to five job”. Or “I’m feeling stuck because I’m too busy” or “I’m feeling stuck because I don’t have enough money right now and I can’t make the change that I want”.

There’s always something that you can do to make the change, to take action and start feeling motivated again.

Here are some of the real reasons that you might be feeling stuck:

Reason 1: Comparing your yoga teaching journey with someone else’s

There are lots of yoga teachers out there and that’s a great thing! We are unique in what we have to offer. We just have to connect with what makes us unique. There’s more of us to spread the message of Yoga and that’s an amazing thing. But if you spend your time comparing yourself, especially on social media, you’re going to feel stuck.

What you’re doing is you’re comparing the beginning of your yoga teaching journey with someone else’s middle. By doing that, you create expectations that hold you back because you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes in somebody else’s journey. 

You don’t know all the challenges they have been going through and how long they’ve been running, they could be 10 years in. If you’re just two years in and you’re comparing your journey with their journey, you create these unrealistic expectations for yourself.

These are expectations that aren’t backed up with any goals or a system that will help you achieve your goals because it is based on someone else’s journey!  You end up being very hard on yourself and you might not even realize that you’re doing it.

You also end up losing time and energy.

You deplete yourself of energy if you spend time comparing yourself with other teachers.

Identify if you’re doing this, especially on Instagram. If you’re losing time looking at other people stop it because that time is better spent on working on your goals and on your system.

Reason 2: You have goals but you have no system

You have defined goals you want to achieve and you know where you want to be but you don’t have the system to get you there. 

You won’t move forward with your goals if you don’t have a system to get you there. If you don’t have a process with clear steps to work towards that goal, you will feel stuck. Goals don’t get achieved magically.

Systems are the process that is going to lead you towards your goals.

If you were a musician, your goal might be that you want to create a new song. You need to have a system to achieve the creation of your song. That is broken down into going to be how often you’re going to practice, how often you’re going to work on your new song and get into the studio or whatever it might be.

Do you have a system?

Do you feel like you have a process or habits that you’re completing every single day? Are you making time for it a process? Or are you telling yourself that you don’t have the time because you’re teaching 20 yoga classes a week and you’re exhausted at the end of the day? Could you make a change to the amount of time you’re teaching in a yoga studio? 

Yes, that is unpaid time, but actually, it’s not. If you don’t work on your business and on the system to achieve your goals, then you won’t move forward and you will continue to feel stuck. 

It’s so important that you understand what you need to do to get to where you want to go.

Systemise content creation

As a yoga teacher, part of your system should be creating content and building your network and partnerships. It also should be about understanding email marketing and growing your email list.

Create freebies to share with your community to encourage them to sign up to your email list. Then nurture those people through your emails, being by visible on social media. Make sure you use Instagram stories and Facebook Live. There are lots of ways that you can get yourself out there and that is all part of a system.

You can’t grow a yoga business unless you’re creating and sharing content for your audience. This will help to position you as an expert but more importantly will create trust in your community.  

Don’t think that you can create a bunch of content and that alone will be enough to grow your community. It isn’t enough. You have to identify the right people to work with. You haven’t got a big team as a yoga teacher. So the way to expand at a faster rate is finding people and brands aligned with your business and you as a yoga teacher. 

Find ways to explore how you can work together. It could be social media competitions or even creating events together. It’s important to give yourself the time to work on your business instead of always in your business!

Reason 3: What is keeping me safe?

What is keeping you safe right now? Maybe you have another secure and well-paying job. That keeps you safe because you know it’s paying the bills. This will also scare you from taking the leap. It’s the “nine to five” security blanket causing you to be afraid to make that move.

Perhaps you’ve only been teaching in studios and that’s your safety net because you know how much money you’re going to make every month.

 These are things you need to look at in your yoga business journey because ultimately you need to be happy.

The biggest impact can happen when you identify what’s your safety blanket and the changes you need to make to remove it.

If you don’t get uncomfortable with where you are, then you’re not going to level up.

You have to feel start getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. It isn’t easy but that’s where the biggest growth will happen. 

You can take baby steps, you don’t have to completely quit your job. You may reduce your hours to free up some time from your office job. You need to start taking those small steps towards your goals. You have to let go of that security blanket. Whatever that thing is for you that you turn to, that keeps you feeling stuck, remove it!

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