1. natali says:

    I really found new opportunitys to connect with my students, my mission got bigger and i got finally out of my comfortzone ! ( that means a lot)

    I joined Kellys Retreat and gain a lot of support/ learnings and helpful knowledge. a new online world of community opened up to me. i m really happy and grateful to connect & learn so much!

  2. Annabel Lane says:

    Pre-Covid i hadn’t taught online at all and the prospect terrified me! I did your 3 day free course which gave me the confidence to give it a go. Now Zoom is a BIG part of my life. I’m teaching 5/6 classes per week including one private. My classes are donation based right now (although not the private) which has worked quite well, although I have noticed that people are paying less as the lockdown goes on.
    Learning the tech, the admin, social media, scheduling and coming up with new interesting weekly themes and playlists has been full on, but a welcome challenge while life has effectively been on hold.
    I am (slowly) working my way through the fast track Profitable Yoga teacher course as I know that teaching predominantly online is the way forward for me.
    I’m now building my website – which goes live on the 3rd July and I did my first Facebook Live yesterday – things I didn’t dream I’d be able to say 3 months ago!!
    Of course I’m looking forward to teaching face to face again, but I love the fact that I now have the knowledge to complement that with online offerings and have created a (small for now!) community.
    I have loved being able to connect with friends around the globe and when I do my own practice, its great that I don’t have to travel anywhere to take the class, so I can easily fit it into my now VERY busy week.
    Thanks Kelly, you have been a brilliant mentor, cheerleader and given me the shove I needed to step up! ????????✨

  3. Victor Chng says:

    Yoga is ever more important during this time of pandemic. All yoga educators must continue to believe that yoga is the most needed asset at this time. It is the only thing that will bring more calm and sanity to life.

    We begin to see more violence among individual and countries during this time. What all yoga teachers need now is to continue to have a voice to provide teaching that direct oneself inwards. We need to bring more stillness among the chaos and more compassion to reduce violence.

    We are all lucky in a sense that we are teaching yoga. There is no complicated equipment that is needed to give yoga to someone. This means online teaching is more possible and successful. All we need is to continue teaching with our mats, blocks or anything that you can find at home.

    The world will never be the same again after the pandemic. Social distancing policy will limit the operation of any businesses that gathers crowd. This means, the only viable way to continue our teaching is online.

    I strongly encourage all of us to embrace this new normal to move forward with our teaching and to continue to share our passion and love for the world.

  4. Bonni-Lynne says:

    While I appreciate and personally havd been enjoying online offerings, my yiga therapy clients/students have been unable to make the switch . I cater to a very special population in need of connection. Much of my practice involves hands on modalities such as reiki, therapeutic touch , etc My students have mental health and physical considerations that simply cannot be served online . From PTSD, addictions, chronic injuries and pain , acceptance of gender, domestic violence and so on . These are people who came to us after being isolated , abused and disconnected already and this is not the proper platform. We got lumped In as non essential and have had overdoses, returns to unsafe homes and more . The majority of these students are beginners as well at yoga without a string practice. I’m praying they will return when we are clearest to open. I’ve done all o can do with this – ishvara pradidhana…
    With loving kindness to all !!!

  5. Like!! Thank you for publishing this awesome article.

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