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From Zoom to creating an online yoga course


Is it time for you to start creating an online yoga course?

Teaching yoga online on Zoom has never been more popular than it is today. More yoga teachers than ever before are teaching yoga online. However, there is so much more to teaching yoga online than just Zoom classes!

In this post, we are going to discuss how to go beyond Zoom classes with an online yoga course.

Zoom classes and online yoga courses are two very different offerings with two very different price points. They require you as a yoga business owner to have a very different mindset!

The importance of strategy and mindset

Everything we talk about at Digital Yoga Academy involves strategy and mindset. 

When it comes to the strategies needed to move your audience from a $10 offering to a $400+ offering you need to understand who you’re selling to. You need to understand what transformation you’re selling and how to craft an offer that makes your audience feel like you’re reading their mind.

As for mindset, this is about stepping into your power and being 100% sold on what you have to offer. It’s about confidence! It’s also about embracing imperfect action because things don’t always go to plan! If we see things that don’t go to plan as failures, we can get stuck. 

If we see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and improve, we can continue to move forward.

So your mindset is so important as we level up and move from a five-figure mindset to a six-figure mindset!

When we have these big shifts in our mindset and level up, we put things in our way. We make excuses and create distractions. 

Moving from just offering Zoom classes to creating and launching an online yoga course is a big shift!

Are you ready for this?

The world is online right now!

The world is going crazy for online learning. The online education industry is a $355 million dollar per day industry that is expected to TRIPLE in the next five years!

There are course creators launching online courses in almost any topic you can think of.

Quite often yoga teachers will say:

Why would someone take an online yoga course when they can find it for free on Youtube?

It is true you can find anything and everything on Youtube. But there is value in how you present content and order it in a step by step framework that guides your students through a transformation they desire. Think of it more as an online workshop of yoga.

This can be life-changing for your students and life-changing for you too!

Building a digital asset in your business is life-changing. It took three years for Digital Yoga Academy to get to where it is today. When dealing with a physical yoga business that runs in-person events and retreats there are a lot over overheads and costs involved like venues, food, transportation etc. There is a ceiling to what you can earn from in-person offerings.

When you take your offering online, this ceiling is removed! The possibilities become limitless.

Here are a  few questions for you to answer:

  1. I would love to have more free time and flexibility with when and how much I work and be able to travel when I want.
  2. I would love more financial freedom and to make an extra income that doesn’t require me to trade my time for money.
  3. I would love to share my knowledge with students around the world

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then an online business with a digital asset, such as an online course, is definitely the right approach for you!

Perhaps up to now, you’ve only taught in a studio or maybe you’ve set up your own classes. Perhaps you’ve been teaching live on Zoom.

But now what?

So many teachers struggle to move beyond the safety of the studio or the Zoom room. They struggle to tap into their true purpose and what they are meant to be putting out there.

You have more inside of you than a  Zoom class! You have something truly transformational that you can create that goes beyond a Zoom class.

Many teachers struggle with a process to actually create and craft something that’s going to be well received by their community. This can result in offerings that don’t fill up. 

Unfortunately, the reality for many yoga teachers is building a schedule with enough classes to pay your bills at the end of the month. This can be exhausting and leaving teachers asking “How can I make good money teaching yoga?”.

If this is the reality for you to take a step back. Because sometimes we need to step back to move forward. Teaching yoga as a career can be sustainable, profitable and impactful. 

The truth is if you’re not SUPER clear about…

…what you have to offer

…who your ideal students are

…what your niche is

…what your message is

…why people should practice with you 

…why people should hire YOU

…and all the other foundational elements in your yoga business (like a yoga website)

Then HUSTLE is gonna be the name of the game! And honestly, it’s time for us to stop throwing that word around like we’re proud of it.

Stop the hustle and get into alignment

It’s time to stop the hustle and instead focus on ALIGNMENT, not just on the mat but in our business as well!

When we’re in alignment, everything flows as it should.

No yoga teacher should be having to hustle. When you’re super clear on who you’re serving and what you have to offer, alignment is the name of the game!

Before you jump headfirst into creating an online course…

It’s important to do the work to reflect on who you are as a teacher. What is your message and what are you sharing that is resonating with people?

You need to have a clear idea of who you are, what you are passionate about and what kind of yoga teacher you are or want to be.

Ask yourself what you enjoy most about teaching and what specific classes or events made you really feel alive.

Journal, meditate and think about the specific parts of your yoga teaching and personal practise that gets you really fired up.

Then you can begin to map out your relationship with these topics and begin to create a clearer picture of who you are as a teacher. You need to have clarity on this because it’s ultimately about your passion and your purpose.

Find your passion and hone in on your ideal student

When you move beyond zoom classes and create higher-priced offerings, you want to be passionate about what you’re creating. You want your offerings to be purpose-filled and really light you up because that is what you are going to love sharing.

Think about what the message you are sharing with the world is- because you want to own it! 

Then turn the focus on your students. It is hard to craft an offering if you don’t have a clear understanding of your identity as a yoga teacher and of your ideal students.

Most teachers tend to play it safe. They make the mistake of trying to cater to everyone. This results in an unclear message and they actually end up serving no one.

If you want to be well known for something, you need to narrow in and focus on a specific type of student with specific needs. Then you can create your offering around that specific type of student with specific needs.

Take your time defining your ideal student

You want to know as much as you can about your ideal students so you can craft your offerings around them. If you aren’t sure how to define your ideal students, first take a look at your regular students.

Who are they? What are their characteristics?

If you’re not sure, ask! Get to know them better.

As you go through this process and you start to create ideas for your online course, you need to go through a process of validation.

You want to be incredibly confident about creating your course and you want to know that your students want and need it.

So many teachers make the mistake of fully planning and creating a course without validating their ideas with surveys and student calls to gain confidence that what they’re creating is something their community actually wants. For example, would your students prefer a shorter course like a 2-week challenge or a longer course like a 6-month transformational program?

Take the first steps to create an online yoga course

There are tonnes of strategies to create and launch an online course!

The steps discussed in this post are really the first steps. The first place you need to start is your message, your purpose and the challenges of your ideal students.

Your course needs to be the solution that takes your students from their point A, their struggle, to point B, their desired outcome. 

You need to know your students and your community to understand what this journey is.

Is creating an online yoga course on your business road map?

If having an online yoga course is something you want to achieve in the next year, let me reassure you…

…It’s ok if you don’t have an online course topic chosen yet 

…It’s ok if you don’t feel like an “expert” yet 

…It’s ok if you have a small audience 

…It’s ok if you’re feeling all the fear around taking this next step in your business and moving beyond Zoom.

FEELING fear is normal – but staying STUCK in fear is a choice!

At Digital Yoga Academy we are passionate about helping yoga teachers overcome these fears and give them the strategies, tools and support they need to build successful online yoga businesses!

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